Don’t dismiss people for being too young to make a difference,
anyone at any age can make a difference.
— Chris Willis

         Hello, my name is Chris Willis. I was born in Florida and moved to Texas when I was 12 years old, however I claim Texas as my true home. I attended Acton Middle School for 6th-8th grade where I was involved in the Fine Arts program as well as played football my 7th grade year. I led a weekly bible study and leadership group to promote faith and leadership skills in school.

         I now attend Granbury High School where I am a Senior. Since starting high school I've been involved in many different areas of the community. I serve on the Superintendent Student Advisory Committee (SSAC). The SSAC, chosen by faculty, helps shape policies for the High School. I've been part of the SSAC since my freshman year.

        I attend Generations Church of Granbury where I serve as an Assistant Worship Pastor and Youth Leader in the Church's youth group. (Grades 6th-12th)

        I also serve as a Marketing Assistant at Chick-Fil-A in Granbury! I joined the Chick-Fil-A team back in 2016.

       With all of that said, I am in Granbury, Texas to serve the people of this great community and give the students a voice! 

Thank You,

Chris Willis